Hi, Chad Danforth here, the human form of the 100 emoji.

Chad Danforth is one of East High's most popular jocks; being the co-captain and fellow basketball teammate of the Wildcats, and is the loyal childhood best friend to Troy Bolton, since pre-school. He is also the boyfriend of Taylor McKessie.

Chad is arguably, out of any other student at East High, the most devoted to the Wildcats. He is almost always the one to start the “WHAT TEAM?!” chant among his peers. Even when separated from the ball for days or even weeks at a time during the events of Season 1, he still retains this high spirit. The ball is the incarnation of the Wildcat spirit, passed on from basketball player to basketball player in a legacy stretching back to East High’s first class.

This may explain why Chad places an emphasis on making Troy into the next Wildcat legend in Season 1, citing previous Wildcat basketball legends as inspiration. I may also argue that Chad may have thought himself as the next incarnation of the Wildcat Champion, but upon knowing Troy’s aptitude for basketball he may pressure Troy to take the mantle instead. 

Physical Appearance


Personality and Traits

Chad Danforth is a rather multi-layered character; incredibly independent and strong in many ways. He isn't afraid to speak his mind, no matter who he's up against; whether it be his girlfriend Taylor McKessie, his best friends, or a bully or an self-centered student corrupting East High, Chad won't hesitate to stand up for what's right, mostly for the safety of others as opposed to himself. He is shown to take part in most of the political disputes and conversations, often gives suggestions on how to make peace (which, more often than not, come out successful) and is shown to have the same amount of respect his friends earn.

Chad can sometimes lets his temper get the better of him as he can hold a grudge against them, seen with Brett Shimura, Sharpay Evans and Weston Miller. Aside from this, Chad is extremely compassionate and caring whether towards his family, his friends, and especially Taylor, as a lover. Together, the two share a strong bond, always open to each other's tendencies and ideals, and always looking out for one another.

However, Chad isn't without his flaws and foibles. He can, at times, be too fussy and opinionated, as well as incredibly stubborn. He can also speak without thinking from time to time. Several times throughout Season 1 (specifically in Pilot) he is shown to have a difficult time accepting when he's wrong, especially to Troy in an attempt to deflate his sometimes prominent ego. Chad can also act before he thinks things through. Even so, he realizes his mistakes in the long run, and makes amends for whatever trouble he may cause, no matter the scale or circumstance.