You say tomato, I say to-mah-to!

Weston Miller is East High School's teenage rebel who hangs out at pool hall in the local pub, smokes cigarettes and drinks alcohol. He speaks with partial Australian accent changing every now and then to an American accent, this happens because he lived in Australia since he was 10 years of age.

Weston is a world-class bully, an all-around horrible, selfish person, and a vicious racist. His inexcusable racist behaviors do not just extend to bullying; once he figures out Troy Bolton is looking for a change in the social atmosphere in East High, he immediately decides that if Troy is not with the rest of the "men," then he must be against them.

Keeping with the show's theme of acceptance of oneself and of others, Weston learns that being kind isn't necessarily a bad thing yet he comes off as the tough guy who couldn't care less, and no one really knows him at all. However he shows a significant change by the end. Initially he shows no respect towards anyone; especially the teachers and the school property. But by the end of the film he begins to accept the idea of kindness, and starts showing it towards the others; in particular, Brett Shimura. Initially, Weston takes great pleasure in making the others uncomfortable, such as ridiculing Troy for basketball, using Ryan Evans as a target for humiliation and mockery on multiple occasions. Though he always retaliates if provoked, he is neither rude or unkind to Kelsi Nielson but he only shows obnoxious reactions towards her quirky behavior. Weston has the most rivalry with Troy and Brett, as they come from complete opposites of the "high-school spectrum".

Most of his interactions (both positive and negative) have happened with Brett. He drives him to tears repeatedly. Weston is somewhat startled out of his thoughts, and becomes more cutting - thus showing that he is not as cruel or sarcastic as one might initially think.

Not a huge amount is known about Weston, aside from his abusive home-life and his dislike of authority. When Principal Matsui separates him from the group and is yelling at him in the closet, he shrinks in on himself, taking up less space and avoiding eye-contact; this suggests that he fears older men or men that resemble his abusive father. He seems to be quite good at basketball, and is surprisingly skilled at climbing and sports in general judging from his climbing around in the vents and his scaling the library stairwell. After he listened to Troy's detention and hearing what he did, he hangs his head down and gets upset of what his father does. He thinks his father and Andrew father should get together and go bowling since they're much alike.

Physical Appearance


Personality and Traits

From his first appearance to his final appearance, Weston Miller proves himself to be inseparable from his rebellious nature.

While as cold of a tactician he is, Weston is still a person with feelings.